Unturned PvE 1 and 2 Servers Shutdown

Starting today we have decided to shutdown our PvE 1 and 2 servers due to performance issue. Due to our frequent crashes and bugs, we have decided to switch to Linux. And due to poor performance of Unturned on Linux, we have no choice but to cut off these two servers. We will continue to monitor PvE 3 and 4, and if there is room for more, we might enable one of them in the future.

Server Reset (11th March 2017)

All Unturned servers have been reset due to Windows crash. Unfortuneately, we did not have a recent enough back up to restore your progress in game. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Downtime (31st October 2016 - 1st November 2016)

Hello. The hard drive on our server got corrupted last night, which resulted in the loss of all data. Therefore, all Unturned servers have been reset along with credits. And all the ranks on Teamspeak server are gone too. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Servers Reset

Today on 5th of October 2016, all our servers have been reset along with all the credits/ranks. The reason behind this is simple. Many people have been using XP exploits to gain unfair advantage over the new players, so we have decided to reset the progress so everyone can start equally. We will now strictly monitor progress of all the players, and anyone caught hacking will be severely punished.

Introducing Ranks!

Today, all of our PvP servers have been updated with a new ranking system. Each player will be rewarded once they level up. For more info, head over to the Ranks page.

Russian Map Update

All the servers have been updated to the new Russian map. This will be our primary map from now on as it is big enough to cater to our huge player base.

This also means that your previous data from Washington map will be gone, but your credits will remain the same.

Shop Adjustment

All the missing items - including weapons - have been added to the shop. We have also adjusted the prices of some items. All the vehicles have their price reduced by half, and the flying ones have had their cost reduced 3 times. You can check the items list by clicking here and you can find the vehicles list here.

Unturned Servers Have Been Wiped

We have completely wiped all our Unturned servers and did a fresh install. Why did we do it? There are several reasons for it. First of all, Unturned is currently in its beta state, that's why there are many bugs in it. The server files kept getting corrupt everyday, so we had to restore it with the backup that we make every week. In that process many players would lose their houses. Secondly, it kept freezing, kicking people out and shutting down randomly. After weeks of testing and talking to developers of the game, we came to a conclusion that the server files are corrupt, and a fresh install is required.

If you were a regular player on our server, and have been actively voting for them, get in touch with us and and an admin will give you items you need to start off again!

P.S. Your shop Credits will still be the same.